Fredrikstad Living Lab: So what's in a name anyway?

May 12, 2016

So Living Lab huh? What's that all about? Most people are a mixture of curious and confused when we tell them about the Lab. Most people do not really have a reference point for what a Living Lab is, so the name is just a jumble of words to them. However, there is definitely some thought that has gone into the name, so I think it is worth breaking it down, and explaing what is is all about.


Starting with the word "Living" this implies life right? Exactly! We want the lab to be a place that is filled with life, that is humming with energy, that is generating a buzzz. When you walk in the lab, it should instantly give you that sense that things are happening.

In addition with the life, it implies growth. Living things are born, die and even evolve, and this is what the space is about. We want it to be a place where new companies are born, a place where you prcious idea is given a birth, and just like birthing it is not always pretty, clean or straightforward. Things can geta  little icky. Living things also die. We havent forgotten about this either. We want the lab to be a place where old ideas die, and are replaced by new ones.


The Lab is a place where we want ideas and businesses to evolve into something stronger, smarter, faster, fitter for the purpose. Nothing stands still in the natural world, and the same is true in our lab, it is a place of constant change, where things are being updated as we go. This can seem a little chaotic at times, but hey, you get that on the big jobs. We start with chaos, create order, break some stuff, create a little more chaos and repeat the process.


So what about the Lab part of the name? Well, what takes place in labs? Experiments! Knowledge is generated! The same is true for our lab. It is a place where people dare to try new stuff, and not every experiment goes according to plan. In fact, any scientist will tell you the most interesting experiments are when you get something un expected.


You never just run one experiment, and decide that you have figured everthing out. It takes many many attempts to start to byuild a base of knowledge. In addition, you have to learn to tolerate the uncertainty on not knowing what the oucomes will be. At the Lab, we want a supportive environment, as we know thet ups and downs of running experiments on how to create businesses, and tourism experiences can genrate a lot of emotional responses. So we are here to help support people through those highs and lows too.


The final part of the name is Fredrikstad. While it is obvious that we are located here in Fredrikstad, this also reflects our ambition. We want to be a reference point for the rest of Norway, and even the rest of the world for about how to carry out innovation at a grass roots level. We want to show th rest of the world, that by combining industry, educators, and the local government we can make magic happen.



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