The Living Lab is about creating a space where people innovate, in order to make sure this occurs, we have some values that we hold dear to us.

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The key think we think is important is that our community is based on the value on contributing. This means that we offer help where we can, we do not wait to be asked to do something, if we see something that can be done, improved or fixed, we do it based on our own initiative.
When we meet others, we think about how can we contribute to their project, what might be the synergies.


We are already sick of you talking about all your plans and ideas, just get on and do it already!! We are a bunch of do-ers in the lab, this means we are focussed on transitioning our ideas into reality, as quickly and efficiently as possible.
Trying stuff brings with it failure, although we dont really call it failures in the lab, we call it non-successes, and you should expect quite a few of them along the way.


We're big on taking responsibility for our actions, thoughts and words.
This means that we don't blame others or make excuses for our non-successes. If things are not going to plan, then it is up to us to get things back on track.
As part of a community, we are responsible for the impact we have on others around us and the community. We do our best to contribute, not detract.
As part of a community we realise it is our responsibility to make sure the community functions how we would like it to, whether that means cleaning up after ourselves, attracting new members, or organising social events.

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1632 Gamle Fredrikstad